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Sita Air operates 4 Dornier Fairchild manufactured DO 228-202/-202K/-212 twin engine Turbo prop aircraft fitted with Garrett TPE331-10T/-5A Engine.

It is a 18 seater STOL ( Short Takeoff and Landing ) aircraft, with single window seating, capable of landing in 35 of the 47 airfields of the country with the speed of 200 Nautical Miles/Hour. Periodically, we carry out scheduled inspection and other structural maintenance as prescribed by the manufacturers. These aircraft except one have higher power rated engine (flat-rated to 715 SHP) as compared to other Dornier flying in Nepal. These aircraft are certified for both passenger and cargo operations.

The -10T engine have a higher horse power with 900 SHP flat rated to 715 SHP which is ideal for operation in Hot and High places similar to the conditions in Nepal. The engine is more reliable, has increased maintenance intervals and has reduced hot section cost giving increased aircraft value.

Our aircraft is fitted with EGPWS (Enhance Ground Proximity Warning System) which denotes proximately of the aircraft with the terrain, GPS (Global Positioning System) giving the position of the aircraft, ELT(Emergency Locater Transmitter) to give the location of the aircraft by satellite in case of any accident/incident, TCAS II (Traffic Collision Avoidance System-II) to guide the pilot from midair collision with other aircraft and WEATHER RADAR which shows the enroute weather.

Operational safety and technical superiority are the major reasons for the selection of the Dornier Aircraft by Sita Air for STOL operation in Nepal.

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